Prints explained

Print dimensions

Mounted print dimensions are based on the overall size of the print including the mount board. to ascertain the size of the actual picture, reduce the width and height by 14cm.

Mounted Prints

Mounted prints are presented in acid free archival mounts unless otherwise stated. Mounts are wrapped in clear polythene for presentation and protection. International orders are dispatched un-mounted

Limited edition prints

limited edition Giclée prints are an exact size reproduction of the original drawing. They are limited by a print run set by the artist, titled and signed by him. Limited editions have the potential to increase in value.

Open edition prints

An open edition Giclée print is not restricted to how many times it can be reproduced. The signature and title is a printed copy of the artist hand writing. Open editions are popular as they are more affordable and smaller than the equivalent limited edition image.

Artist proofs

Artist proofs were traditionally the first prints to come off the press in readiness for reproduction inspection. With modern technology an artist proof doesn’t reflect on the quality of the print but more relates to owning a rare portion of the artist collection. Artist proofs are only available directly from the artist. Proofs are titled and signed by the artist A/P to denote their status